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We are reputed as one of the Best Copper Bus Bars Manufacturers and Exporters from India. The Custom Copper Bus Bars offered by us are widely used in low voltage distribution, high current & control equipments and various other industrial and commercial applications. Moreover, high durability, conductivity, tensile strength and resistant to rust has also enhanced the demand of Solid Copper Bus Bars offered by us.

Functioning of Copper Bus Bars & Profiles The applications of bus bars & profiles include low and medium voltage switchgear, Railways, bus-way systems, panel boards, switchboards and many others. It feeds to the heavy electrical uses in various commercial & industrial buildings as plating cells and feeder systems.

Bus bars that are made from copper are preferred over aluminum bus bars because of the better electrical conductivity that copper bus bars offer. It is due to the greater electrical conductivity of copper, higher current requirements which enable installers to use smaller bus bars if they are made of copper.

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